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About Us

Thane’s first family club which truly & completely defines recreation!

Travelled by the loss of ‘time for yourself’ and trapped by the day to day activities you tend to ignore the substance called recreation.

Recreation is a state where in you surpass the stage of your monotonous routine, work, hectic lifestyles and allow yourself in indulging into all those activities which you like and enjoy doing. We here at Palm club will give you an atmosphere and facilities which will help you to take a plunge in the land of merriment.

Help us help you to shed you tiredness with the wide range of amenities we offer, be it swimming pool, lawn tennis, table tennis, billiards, gym and many more. We also have facilities like card room to just relax and play with your friends. And for those voracious readers the club also gives a library where you can be on your own and read along.

Apart from sports we have a spa & saloon in the club where you can let yourself unwind and wash away those apprehensions. Come and spoil yourself here as you deserve it!

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